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The Strata Florida Project has been working closely with the local community

of Pontrhydfendigaid and its area since the beginning and is a vitally important

part of what we are trying to achieve.

strata florida ~ ystrad fflur



The Strata Florida Project has been working closely with the local community of Pontrhydfendigaid and its area since the beginning and is a vitally important part of what we are trying to achieve.   We are now moving into a new phase: the Strata Florida Trust has appointed Gill Ogden to be our Community Engagement Officer and this is the web-page dedicated to that role. Called the Camau Bach (Small Steps) project we want local people, groups and businesses to get involved, and to be a part of the effort to revitalise the historic site of Strata Florida Abbey and the buildings of Mynachlog Fawr farmstead, as we work together to put it back where it belongs: at the centre of the cultural map of Wales.


Your history and heritage

We will be working with the National Library of Wales, The People’s Collection Wales, The Welsh, Sound and Screen Archive, the Ceredigion Archive and others to help make sure that the history of this area is told by the people who know it best, and that local memories are not lost.We would love to hear from you. if you have memories of the area around Strata Florida and Bont – did you grow up here or move here? Do you have any old photos or other information about local places or events gathering dust in the attic?

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What’s happening at Strata Florida?

We are planning talks, community workshops and guided walks. There will be chances to hear more about the history of the Abbey itself, and the landscape around it, to catch up on the most recent discoveries on-site, to get involved in the archaeological excavations, to help research local histories and to find out more about the fascinating history of Mynachlog Fawr farm as the process of re-instating and reviving the buildings gets under way.


There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer and get involved throughout the project, so to stay up to date with what’s planned for 2020, keep visiting this page to find out about events and activities.

The creation of our new community use space is now complete and it stands in the newly converted and refurbished cowshed, called Y Beudy, which can be found opposite the old farmhouse Mynachlog Fawr. A number of community activities and events are regularly held here.

Recent Events:

Thursday 24th October 7pm   


Who lived in my house 150 years ago?


Tuesday 29th October 10 and 1pm     

Cambrian Wool half term craft workshops for families and for adults

Christmas Event 17th December 7pm

An evening of carols, performance and stories. Mulled win and mince pies provided

Welsh Music Day Workshop 6th February

Fun workshop with songs and ukuleles!

Children's Puppet Show 17th February 2pm

Performance of Little Bo Peep

We also run a series of talks on a vairety of topics including archaeology and local history, and a weekly gardening group. 


Contact Gill, our Community Engagement Officer, for further details:

01974 831 760


Archiving and cataloguing

In January 2020 we started work sorting, cataloguing and archiving the paper materials and documents within Mynachlog Fawr Farmhouse.


Students on the MA Archive Administration course at Aberystwyth Univeristy are using this as a project to develop skills. As part of their project they will be producing a series of blogs, which are shown below.

Blog 1

Blog 1 English pink-page-001.jpg
Blog 1 - Cymraeg-page-001 (1).jpg

Blog 2

Blog 2 - Cymraeg pictures-1.jpg
Blog 2 - Cymraeg pictures-2.jpg
Blog 2 English images-2.jpg
Blog 2 English images-1.jpg

Blog 3

Archiving blog 3 cymraeg 2-1.jpg
Archiving blog 3 cymraeg 2-2.jpg
Archiving blog 3 cymraeg 2-2.jpg
Archiving blog 3 English 2-1.jpg
Archiving blog 3 English 2-2.jpg
Archiving blog 3 English 2-2.jpg

More updates coming soon...

The next part of the project will be the cataloguing of the plethora of wonderful items that remain within the farmhouse. If you would be interested in volunteering with us to help complete this task, please contact us.

events large.jpg

Getting involved

If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved in any way we would love to hear from you.

If you’re part of a local group and would like to find out more about the Strata Florida project, or our planned events and activities coming up, we’d be happy to talk to you about how your group can become involved, so please do get in touch here


get in touch

Contact Gill, our Community Engagement Officer, for further details:

Telephone       01974 831 760

e-mail –


Previous Community activities

A few of the main events have been

  • An inter-regional programme of the EU involving Pontrhydfendigaid and the village of Kells in Co. Kilkenny where there are the ruins of a medieval Augustinian Priory.In 2005 and 2006 we held successive sculpture exhibitions showing the works of top Irish and Welsh artists in and amongst the architectural remains

  • A programme of works under the EU Rural Development Fund, to enhance our understanding of the historic landscapes of the area and to increase public understanding and access to them. ‘Celebrating Strata Florida’, a two-day event in July 2017 show-casing the history and cultural associations of the site with a host of performances, displays, lectures, guided walks and four different services reflecting the diverse Christian traditions of the community and its history.

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