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Archivists on Lockdown: The Final ReportBy Sierra McGee and Jess Hooley

We have finished with our in person meetings and our project is in the final stages. During our last week together, our team finalized the date formats and created access points for each catalogued item. On May 6th, Shannon Parsons began exporting the cataloguing data from AtoM into a Microsoft Excel Sheet. The data is being exported into Microsoft Excel so the computers at the Strata Florida Trust can use it.

The team’s focus has shifted to completing the written report, which is due May 14th. Our report will include the process and outcomes of our projects, as well as highlighting any archiving recommendations we have for Strata Florida Trust. Each team member was assigned a section of the report they were familiar with. Sierra McGee created a Google Document for the team to use. This allows everyone to monitor each other’s work and make corrections when needed. Once the report is complete, Sierra McGee and Ley Mabe will finalize the report. We are giving our final presentation on May 14th to the Department of Information Services and Strata Florida Trust’s staff. We will send our PowerPoint slides to Jess Hooley and she will compile them.

Working on this project helped us gain important skills for our future work as archivists and put everything we learned last term into practice. Last term, our classes consisted of archival theory, which covered topics such as ethics, provenance, and appraisal. Imogen Foley said, “I have definitely been enjoying the experience. It has helped me take what I've learned in theory and really understand it in practice. Through doing the actual work and figuring out the tricky bits myself and with the help of others, I'm getting a lot more out of each day.”

When we begin applying for jobs after graduation, it’ll be important to let our future employers know that we have experience working with cataloguing software. Bethany Hall said, “My skill and knowledge are being developed, especially in working with archival software and problem solving. Practicing what we have learned in class has improved my knowledge and skills due to the responsibility of working with Strata Florida Trust and wanting to preserve their history.”

The team would like to thank Dr. Sarah Higgins for her guidance. We are thankful to her and Aberystwyth University for allowing us to meet in person during February and March while lockdown restrictions were in place. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Strata Florida Trust for letting us catalogue important, historical material for them. This was an amazing experience for the team.

Finally: Thank you Elfed Selman, Sierra McGee, Bethany Hall, Ley Mabe, Shannon Parsons, Jess Hooley, Felix Wightman, and River Pink for all your hard work!

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