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Sawdust and snowflakes

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We have more progress to report on the conversion of our Ty Pair building - we now have two of the main A frames constructed and in place! Its great to start to see the building take shape and hopefully we will have the the roof on, which will help building work continue even in bad weather.

On the topic of bad weather - we had our first snow of the season at Strata Florida last week, and the flakes were soon coating the hillsides and and the buildings. The area has been known to have some winters of very heavy snowfall, including the infamous winter of 1947, where many farming communities struggled to keep their livestock alive in the harrowing conditions. Charles Arch who grew up at Mynachlog Fawr, recalls how him and his father had to try to dig out the sheep, which were buried beneath feet of snowfall, with the help of the dogs.

In many areas of Wales this winter is seen as a turning point in the decline of rural communities as many moved from the remote farming communities to find employment in towns and cities. The remaining farms either increased in size to remain viable, or in some places, forrestry was planted to use this now unused land.

Hopefully we won't have a winter as bad as 1947 however, and our building work can progress, ready to open to the public in May 2021!

If talk of snow and winter has got you feeling festive - why not join us for our online Christmas C

elebration on zoom on Thursday 17th December at 7pm. Follow the link to register:

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