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Shoe Conservation Update

Those of you who have visited the exhibition recently will have seen that our shoes, which we discovered in the floor while undertaking repairs to the building, and then displayed back where they were found in a purpose built glass and timber box... went mouldy!

We were devastated that our carefully conserved shoes had gone mouldy, likely having absorbed the moisture from the recently laid floor, causing the spores to develop.

Having contacted Cardiff University conservation department who had done the original conservation work, they advised us on the best course of action.

Today we carefully brought the shoes out of the box, cleaned them, and then inserted silica gel packets and a sheet of silica paper into the box. This will help to absorb any moisture, protecting the shoes.

Challenges such as this are all part of the conservation process. Given the delicate nature of some objects there can be many unexpected issues to deal with, but that is all part of the fun! We are very happy to have our shoes back in place for visitors to view.

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