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Stage 1 completed!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Despite Wales' national lockdown, the building work has been able to continue on site, meaning we are still seeing lots of progress with the project.

Following the archaeology and taking down of some unstable walls, we have now completed all of the rebuilding of the stonework too. The upper section of the gable end wall which had to be rebuilt has been completed, the two pillars at the front of the cart shed have been rebuilt and the stonework around the new opening between the Ty Pair and cart shed has also been completed.

The next stage will be the timber work - making the A-frames and inserting the oak lintels. Before long we may have a roof on the cart shed again...

The project featured on Heno last night (11.11.2020 7pm), but if you missed it you can catch up on Clic or our youtube channel.

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